In a physical and visual space delicately delineated, dancers enter and exit, indistinguishable from one another. The soundscape is intriguing, contact between performers sensitive, subtle, precarious. Aube raises questions on identity and the necessary yet impossible communion. It draws us into a poetic universe, in which bodies and shapes materialize and synchronize, all in the gentle glow of dawn.

Lenght: 30 min
Premiere: Tangente (Montreal), December 2012
Choreographer and dancer: 
Katia-Marie Germain
Dancers: Marie-Pier Bazinet, Élise Bergeron, Hélène Messier, Julie Tymchuk, Rosalie Famelart (replacement)
Music: Gabriel Ledoux
Lighting designer: Sylvie Nobert
Rehearsal director: Marie-Gabrielle Ménard
Creation support: Espace Marie Chouinard, Centre de création O Vertigo, Danse Nyata Nyata, Pigeons International, Studio Louise Lapierre
Touring support: Conseil des arts du Canada, Réseau Accès culture, Les Offices Jeunesse Internationaux du Québec