Katia-Marie Germain is a choreographer and performer based in Montreal. With an interdisciplinary approach, she uses visual arts composition strategies to further explore the choreographic field. Through precise movement, scenography and light, she creates environments that deflect the perceptions of the dancer and the spectator, leading to moments of wonder and contemplation.

After completing her BFA in Visual Arts and Dance, Katia-Marie pursued her Master in Dance at UQÀM (2017), where she was the recipient of the Pierre Lapointe and David-Kilburn Awards. She has received support from creative residencies in Montreal as well as international exchange programs including Belgium (LOJIQ), Chile (Danzalborde), France (La Briqueterie) and Italy (Operaestate). In 2018, Katia-Marie was awarded the Prix de la danse de Montréal – Découverte in recognition for her singular artistic approach, revealed in titles such as Y demeurer (2010), Aube (2012), FOLDS (2014) and Habiter (2017). Her works have been performed in various venues and festivals in Canada and abroad. Her most recent creation, Habiter, has toured in Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and in Europe at the prestigious Biennale di Venezia (Venice, Italy) and at the Festival international Les Brigittines (Brussels, Belgium).

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